Your Moment is NOW! Don’t let it pass by…

Your Moment is NOW! Don’t let it pass by…

Life is filled with thousands of moments that are forgotten, almost as quickly as they happen. The moments we remember are the moments when we take action.

The Bible tells us to “redeem the time” – make the moment count. Or you could say, connect your moment in time with the redemptive work of Jesus Christ – MAKE YOUR MOMENT COUNT FOR ETERNITY.

There are two Greek words for time, Chronos and Kairos. The first word is where we get chronology and chronicles. Kairos means the opportune time…the moment or the season that may never come back. It is a time of unique favor from God. To “redeem the time” is to connect the opportune time with what Christ has done.

In a few moments you will make a decision. I pray you will take this moment and make it a MOMENT OF ACTION.

  • When blind Bartemaus heard that Jesus was passing by he made that moment his opportune time.
  • On the Day of Pentecost, 120 believers made that day their moment of opportunity. Others had grown tired of waiting and for them the moment was lost.
  • When the woman with the issue of blood heard about Jesus she made it her moment of a miracle.

I believe this is a God moment for the Gospel in Israel and the Middle East…and for YOU! Only God could enable us to take such a gigantic step of faith, and He enables you.

This opportunity is beyond what I had imagined. We have been involved in Israel for years, helping Jewish and Arab Gospel workers. Still we have often wondered how we could reach many more who live in the land where Jesus walked. Now, it has happened.

I know that when we move forward with the Gospel, BIG THINGS….answered prayers……happen in the lives of partners that join themselves to this Gospel Advancement.

My friend, Mexican missionary, Wayne Myers, used to say:

The opportunity of a lifetime must be grasped within the lifetime of the opportunity.

We must not let this opportunity slip away. Look at what has already happened.

  • Grace Prayer Center staff has already doubled because of the huge response.
  • We are adding prayer ministers who can respond to people in Hebrew and Arabic.
  • We must have equipment to translate programs into other languages. This is a soul winning tool.