The Lord’s Table in Your Home

The Lord’s Table in Your Home

There is limitless blessing at The Lord’s Table. It’s time to lay claim to what belongs to us!

There is healing and wellness at the communion table. Other than our relationship with God, nothing is more important than our health. Even money is of little or no use, if our health is gone. Diets, vitamins and supplements may all have their place, but God’s Word is sure that by discerning the Lord’s Table we will have healing, wellness and long life.

Friend, it is time to take another look at The Lord’s Table.

You will notice on our telecast that I am talking a lot about “Hope and Healing at the Lord’s Table”. The Holy Spirit has urged me to launch a campaign to bring believers into a renewed awareness of the benefits that belong to us in the communion. 

One part of this will be a…

Celebrating the Lord’s Table is not limited to a church service or a television broadcast, you can enjoy the blessing of the Lord’s Table everyday, as often as you wish, in your own home. 

There is nothing in the word of God that says a pastor or church elder has to be present. This is the Lord’s table, and He decides that believers are welcome at any time.

In Acts 2:42 we see that The Lord’s Table was one of the pillars of the church.  The believers, and that means you and I today, continued “daily” and “steadfastly” in “breaking bread”, from “house to house”.

Here is my own testimony about the communion.

I received the Lord shortly before my 13th birthday. I knew I belonged to Jesus, but I felt a lot of things in my life weren’t right. One Sunday I attended a communion service and the preacher really scared me by talking about that people shouldn’t take the communion unless they were really worthy.  

After that I would sit in the back of the church and skip out by the time it came to the Lord’s Table. I just didn’t feel worthy. Well, over the years I came to realize that preacher had really twisted the scriptures, but it wasn’t until 10 years ago when I had a fresh encounter with Jesus Christ and his grace that the communion began to unfold to me in a brand new way.

If the communion table had to do with if we are worthy or not, none of us would ever participate. The Lord’s Table is all about Jesus and our response to what Jesus has done.

Do we look at the bread and the cup as just a religious formality, or do we see it as connecting with the very life of Jesus? His life, creativity, prosperity and wholeness is represented by the cup and the bread.

The apostle Paul told us that some are “sick” and even “dead”, because of  “not discerning the Lord’s body”. Some understand what the cup stands for – the death and blood of Jesus Christ, but have missed “discerning” the bread – the life, blessing, prosperity, wisdom, peace, and wellness available through Jesus. 

In other words by discerning the Lord’s body, we have access to a fountain of healing.

Look at the photo of the communion cups handmade in Bethlehem. I got so excited when I realized that we could make these available to all our partners and friends.

Psalm 105:37 describes the first Passover in Egypt, “He also brought them out with silver and gold, and there was none feeble among them.” Did you see that?  When the Israelites ate of the flesh of the lamb and put the blood on the doorpost the end result was both prosperity and healing.

Take a moment right now and pray: “Lord thank you for a fresh revelation of the blessings that are mine through the Holy Communion. Thank you for spiritual restoration, health, wellness and prosperity by what Jesus has done.  In Jesus’ name.”