Miracles Happen…when you know you’re loved!

Miracles Happen…when you know you’re loved!

Do you want to receive from God? Have the wisdom of Christ? Enjoy increase? The key is to know how much God loves you.

Miracles happen when you know you are loved!

Human love can always be improved, but not God’s love. We have love towards our children, family members, our spouse, but God is love. Nothing, not your successes, failures, sins, problems or distresses can ever separate you from God’s love in Christ Jesus (Rom 8:35-39).

John referred to himself as “the disciple whom Jesus loved”. There is no indication that Jesus loved John more than any of the others, but John was more convinced that he was loved. He saw himself loved by Jesus.

See yourself loved by God, because you really are.

John wrote that the Father loves us (you) as much as He loves Jesus (John 17:23). Not a lesser love. You are loved with the same quality of love that Jesus received.

So what should we do? The key is to soak in God’s love.

I ask you to give the largest gift you possibly can, but I want you to release your gift with a revelation of God’s love for you. Paul told us that if we gave “all our goods” and if we gave our body, but we didn’t have love, “it profits us nothing” (1 Cor. 13:3).

Love makes your seed gift work.

Catch this in your spirit. When you give, God wants you to profit from your gift. It would seem in the natural that when you give you lose, but when you release your gift with love, YOU PROFIT.

The key to your profit is love!

Jesus told his disciples to go to the other side. I don’t know what the “other side” is for you. Maybe it is salvation for your family, a financial breakthrough, healing or some other blessing.

Catch this! The key for Jesus’ disciples was not to look at the other side, but to find a boat to take them across the lake. The boat to your miracle is God’s love, and when you’re in it, you’ll discover Jesus is there. God’s love is always connected to Jesus. We rest in the boat of God’s love… and our blessing is sure.

Faith is in your heart now, because “faith works by love” (Gal 5:6). Take a moment right now and pray:

“Heavenly Father, I thank You that I am loved. I see myself loved. Thank you that nothing can ever separate me from Your love that now pulsates through my entire being.”