God Guarantees YOUR Harvest!

God Guarantees YOUR Harvest!

God is no stranger to financial miracles, debt cancellation and financial blessing. In fact, because God is Love, He has established laws of increase…for you!

I’m not talking about a religious law, like the Law of Moses, where you have to try to perform to get God’s approval. No, I’m talking about a law as a fixed regulation; just like the law of gravity.

Imagine that, a law of blessing that works all the time for everyone. That means it works for you and your city

When a farmer plants a seed he fully expects a harvest. He doesn’t think the odds are 10 to 1, or if he is “lucky” there will be a crop. He knows that there is a law that if you plant a seed you will have a harvest! In fact, if he puts the seed into good ground, he could have a BUMPERCROP.

What is true in the natural is true in the spiritual realm. Salut, every miracle – for your spiritual well-being, your body, your finances, or a relationship – begins with a seed.

When a believer gives money to the Gospel, the harvest is just as sure as when a farmer plants a seed. Why? Because money given to God is just like an agricultural seed.

“…Remember this – if you give little, you will get little. A farmer who plants just a few seeds will get only a small crop, but if he plants much he will reap much.”(2 Cor 9:6 – TLB)

Look at the enclosed teaching on the “Laws of the Harvest”. It is full of life-giving truth. Put it in your Bible, or somewhere you can study it again and again.