Discover the KEY to increase!

Discover the KEY to increase!

I want to begin our time together by making a promise to you. If you read this letter with an open mind and take action in response to God’s promise, you will see increase in your life and finances. 

This is not mere head knowledge, but a revelation Jesus taught me 20 years ago. I don’t use the word revelation lightly, but in the strongest sense; Jesus taught me something powerful. 

20 years ago, after years of Gospel ministry around the world, I started a church in the Niagara region. This was something new and unknown to me. God was blessing the work, but we needed a big building to handle what the Lord was doing. I spoke with many bankers and they all said the same, “Mr. Youngren your plans seem nice, but no bank will lend money to a church that is less than one year old.”

A businessman, who knew nothing of the Gospel approached me, not to give any money, but he offered to introduce me to the chairman of one of Canada’s largest banks; “Maybe he will help you”, he said.

I still remember taking the elevator to the top floor of the tall Bank building, thinking to myself “this must be God”. An hour later I heard the familiar response; “no bank will give that money to a church that isn’t even one year old.”. 

Friend, have you ever faced a situation where nothing turned out like you thought. Remember Abraham, who thought Ishmael was God’s answer, but God had something better in mind. Isaac was to be born when all hope for Sarah and Abraham was long gone.

After my disappointment with the bank chairman, I questioned; 

“God, what do I do now?” 

All I had as a down payment for a project of $ 4.3 million dollars was a 1000-seat Gospel tent, and somebody had offered to buy it for $15,000. It looked hopeless. That’s when God used Lester Sumrall to show me that God had bigger and better plans. 

Brother Sumrall came to see me, and in his abrupt manner, he blurted out: 

“A missionary in Guatemala needs a 1,000-seat gospel tent. Do you know where I can get it?”

I ignored Brother Sumrall best I could.

“So, Peter, do you know where I can get a tent like that?”

I didn’t want to give away the tent. It was all I had towards the building we so desperately needed, except a small voice inside kept nudging;

“give away your tent”. 

Finally, I heard myself say; “Brother Sumrall, I have a 1,000-seat tent and I will give it to the missionary in Guatemala”.

The peace lasted only about ten minutes, and then that small voice again; 

“You will make sure it  is in top shape, like brand new,won’t you?”

Again it took me a few minutes to say, “YES, Lord”. Peace came until I heard the Lord prompt me again: 

“You’re going to pay the shipping to Guatemala, aren’t you?”

$15,000 for the tent, $3,000 in repairs and finally $2,000 more for shipping. Now the Lord was asking me to give $20,000 that I absolutely didn’t have. I didn’t know that God was setting me up for a huge financial breakthrough.

I heard contrary voices in my head; “where will you get the money”, “you don’t even know the missionary in Guatemala”, “why pay for the shipping”, “God, please use someone else”.

Get, ready, I am writing this with a great stirring in my spirit. I’m not just telling a story, this is about YOU;

God is setting you up for your breakthrough!

I am grateful that God gave me grace to say “yes”. 11 months later when I walked into the finished $4.3 million building that was our new church I heard that still voice again; 

“the seed was the Gospel tent and this building is the harvest.”

The bankers and nay-sayers had all been wrong, and God had taught me the Law of Sowing and Reaping, not just in words, but in experience:

“He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.” [2 Cor 9:6]

That divine insight became a reality and it is just as real today. 

I have three “THANK YOU” gifts to share with you as you respond, each one of them a REMINDER OF JESUS CHRIST!

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“THANK YOU” GIFT 3. The Sterling Silver plated Jewish Kiddush Communion cup, gold-colored inside and with gold hi-lights on the relief design, showing the gates of Jerusalem. This cup also contains four depictions of the High Priest’s breastplate with twelve stones.

You will also receive the CD teaching, “Hope and Healing at the Lords table” with each request. 

When I obeyed the prompting of the Holy Spirit speaking to me through Lester Sumrall, I received a huge harvest, and I learnt some things:

1. God gives seed to the sower.
I didn’t think I had anything to give, but every one of us has a seed. We make the decision to sow a seed from that which is already in our hand.

2. A harvest involves human participation.
A grove of 100 oak trees will yield literally thousands of acorns each year, but it won’t bring forth thousands of oak trees, unless the farmer gathers the acorns, puts them in potting soil, waters and nurtures them. We have the “acorn” of  blessing because of Jesus, but our response is needed.

3. Jesus is the Lord of the Harvest.
There is no harvest without God. No matter how hard the farmer works, nothing happens without good seed, and only God can make seed. God has determined that money given to the Gospel takes on the character of a seed, and produces 30…60…and a 100-fold. Paul writes,

…it was God, not we, who made the garden grow… [1 Cor 3:6, TLB]

What is true in the natural is true also in the spiritual. God, who makes the seed grow, is the Lord of your financial harvest; God makes your garden grow.

4. The seed must get into the ground. 
Nothing happened until I released that $15,000 Gospel Tent, but once that seed offering was “in the ground”, my harvest was sure.