Year: 2011

Emergency Response

The deadliest forest fire in the history of Israel claims 44 lives. The fire started on Mount Carmel in northern Israel. Much of the precious forest in the region was quickly consumed by the devastating fire, 17,000 people were forced to flee their homes, 9,900 acres of forest were destroyed, and 5.5 million trees burned.  […]

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The Lord’s Table in Your Home

There is limitless blessing at The Lord’s Table. It’s time to lay claim to what belongs to us! There is healing and wellness at the communion table. Other than our relationship with God, nothing is more important than our health. Even money is of little or no use, if our health is gone. Diets, vitamins […]

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Discover the KEY to increase!

I want to begin our time together by making a promise to you. If you read this letter with an open mind and take action in response to God’s promise, you will see increase in your life and finances.  This is not mere head knowledge, but a revelation Jesus taught me 20 years ago. I don’t use the […]

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